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August 8, 2003

My Private Tangos with Kerem Oksuz

Having this private dance in the early afternoon, this Friday, was one of my designated adventures in Istanbul. Kerem has charisma, charm, intelligence, passion for the music and dance, and very strong leader's technique. In his extremely close embrace style, a woman exudes sensuality and sees in her mind's eye that she is performing, as if onstage, but just for herself and her partner. Kerem has a very bright future as a Tango performer and as a Tango teacher, because he has the rare combination of magnetic stage presence and chemical compatibility. In fact, there was quite a bit of competition for a Tango or two with Kerem, whenever he arrived on the Milonga scene.

After our Tangos, we again ventured back toward Istiklal for lunch and window-shopping. As I stay in contact with Kerem, I will continue to write of his career in and out of Turkey, as well as his connections with the Argentine Tango community.


Author Roberta E. Zlokower





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