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The Tango Times - August 10, 2003

Interview of Ilker Kerem Oksuz


REZ - Why do you love Tango?

KO - When I was a child, I heard Tango music, maybe Turkish Tango. I love the word, "Tango". The word makes music to me. It's interesting to say, "Tango". I remember the first time I heard Tango. If I don't do Tango, that would be a big emptiness in me.

REZ - What is special about your technique of teaching Tango?

KO - I want to teach how you live the music in your step. I want to live in the music and show the basic step to do this. The boléos and gonchos are not important to me. I can show another show figure, but I want to show a soft dance.

REZ - Talk to me about what happens to you, when you start to dance.

KO - First, I want to be with a woman, together, and then I start to do my step. In my thinking, the woman wants to feel what the music tells is telling them. I can't understand the words, but I feel the music.

REZ - Tell me about your childhood.

KO - I didn't dance, because I was too shy. My mother played music, and she helped me dance. My mother and father dance slow bolero. I started at 13 or 14 at a theatre school and did a show with the University students. I was then taken into the University group, and they liked me and let me work with them.

REZ - And, when you became older....

KO - I was going to another school, and, four years after, I went to high school in another City.

REZ - When did you start to dance?

KO - I did Lambada in a little Festival and then started Tango, when I was 18 or 19.

REZ - Who was your teacher?

KO - I first started in the University. They have a Club, and we started with cassettes. Then I met teachers and couples, like Juan and Viviana, Lena and Ahmet, Yuri Mezo, Omar and Monica, Eduardo, and Aysegul Betil (a teacher in Istanbul).

REZ -- What are you doing now to create a career in Tango?

KO - I teach Tango, and I teach this technique. I can understand the man's and the woman's technique. I would like to go to other countries and see other techniques and other teachers.

REZ - What do you want for yourself, and how will you make that happen?

KO -I want to be more perfect in the way I know Tango. Tango is a sea. You can drink the water one glass at a time. If I drink the sea with my glass, someday I will find the chance to be famous. This chance is important.

Author Roberta E. Zlokower

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